Sunday, April 3, 2011

March Ezee Pzee Reveal

 I am so excited about this one! This project is definately one of my favorites! Ive lived here in New Brunswick for 25 years , but I was born and raised in the United States. I was feeling quite patriotic this time around and let it shine brightly! Red, White & Blue!!
 When I first thought about this planter I decided instead of  a flower box I would make a wagon. And then I thought how nice it would be to make a flower cart instead :)  So I began to create!
 First were those fabulous wheels! I used red glitter foam paper and stuck it to thick white chipboard circles, added acrylic painted chipboard cogs to the next layer, then a blue felt accent topped with a cardstock star. I added glitter glue and acrylic paint accents and set them to dry.
  Next I used my new embossing machine and embossed all of my Ezee Pzee Embellishments! I love it LOL
 Then I was ready for paint! I painted, glittered, and constructed the box and added my Ezee Pzee ~Katie~ to the front along with an Ezee Pzee heart and a chipboard star.  With the box complete, I added my wheels.  So far Im liking it alot :)
 Flowers.... Already embossed, I painted and glittered and set them aside to dry. when dry~ I again painted and glittered the backside and set aside to dry again.  ***One of my Ezee Pzee flowers was too big to put in the cart so I glued it on the backside of the cart****
 Stars....I glittered the stars and set them aside to dry.
 Next was the umbrella~ How to make an umbrella..... I thought maybe tissue paper and pipe cleaners...... I went to the dollar store for tissue paper and instead I bought a cheap striped full sized umbrella. What else would one use to make an umbrella but an umbrella LOL I cut one panel off of the umbrella and glued it and pipe cleaners between 2 glittered chipboard stars. I shaped and cut it and secured the end of each pipe cleaner with the plastic tips off of the umbrella I just cut up. Then I cut a hole in the top and secured it to a paintbrush handle. I added ribbon and a chipboard flower sticker to complete it.
 The arms of the handles were cut and painted from thin chipboard and the bar is a straw. I took a piece of black paper put it through my sticker maker and rolled it around the straw.  I attached the straw to the arms and filled each end with glue. Then I put a little blue brad at the end of each side to secure it all together.  And then I glued it to the box.
  Its almost finished and I am smiling so BIG!!! Next I took some silver wire and wrapped it around the end of my paintbrush to make it look springgy! I glued the wire between some chipboard stars and between the one Ezee Pzee flower with no leaves or stem and a little star .
 I put a piece of styrofoam in the box , stuck in my umbrella, flowers and stars and added paper Easter grass.
 An American flower cart made with much love by Katie.....


Missusg said...

you have so outdone yourself!! hats off to you!!!

Kathy said...

ARE YOU KIDDING??? This makes me smile. Katie you have become a great artist. I love every bit of it!

Thank you Thank you!

Court said...

That is freakin AWSOME!, you are one creative woman! <3 <3 Someday when i marry your son (hahah like that day will be coming soon, but anyways), YOU will definately be my wedding decorator no questions aked...tee hee!! <3 You and all your creative work!!

Rena Sawatski said...

Wow, this is fantastic. So colourful and innovative. Great job!

Dana said...

OMG Katie - WOW! I love love love what you did with this!

Anonymous said...

Love it Katie!!!! love the red/white/blue!!!


Jennifer said...


Shelley said...

This is just so much fun! I love all the patterns and detail you've included!