Friday, November 12, 2010

My Ezee Pzee Story

                                    My Ezee Pzee story starts at A Pile of Scrap :)  As all good stories should LOL~
  First I should explain that my sister in law Tuffy passed away this past May. She was The Absolute Ultimate Scrapbooker! And was the owner of ALL of the scrappy products at the recent yard sale at APOS. The yard sale was a huge success! All funds raised went into an account for Tuffy's Grandson. However, there were enough leftover items after the yard sale was over to fill my Subaru to capacity! I took what was left home, inherited what I liked and shared the rest with family and friends.
  A few days after the yard sale I went into APOS, and Alissa says, "Katie, Ive got something for you!".  I told her "yeah, I NEED more scrapbooking supplies" LOL! Look she says! In her hand was a chipboard laser die cut. It was an Ezee Pzee motorcycle! I fell in love! I bought it, brought it home and that same day saw on APOS's Facebook page that they were having an Ezee Pzee contest. The winner would receive $25 dollars worth of Ezee Pzees. I went straight to work! I loved the beauty of my Ezee Pzee motorcycle so much I just couldnt bring myself to decorate it (too much). Ezee Pzee naturally....... I made my layout and LOVED it!!! I entered APOS's contest and won! hahahahahahahaha I was the only one that entered. hahahahahahahaha I went to our favorite scrappy place to pick up my prize~3 new Ezee Pzee's!!! Im a happy girl! Ezee Pzee, Ezee Pzee, Ezee Pzee...... It was often on my tongue. hahaha My mother in law said to my husband at one point "Thats all we've heard all week is Ezee Pzee". hahahaha
  Well, then Ezee Pzee announced their own contest on Facebook. The prize was AMAZING!!! I said "I have to win!" So I went straight to work! I became an Ezee Pzee fool! I entered my Motorcycle layout, made 3 more layouts from my winnings at APOS, and I bought 2 more collections after that! I submitted the 6 entries, crossed my fingers and waited! I screamed to my family as I read the news on Facebook. I won! I was so happy!!!! Kathy, Ezee Pzee's mom, and I went straight to work on my collection!
  The Katie Paul Collection is based on my favorite place in the world. A little 1895 farmhouse in South Dakota. The collection includes the farmhouse, an outhouse, an oil lamp, a bucket, and a washtub.  I also received a personalized scrapbooking bag. This prize was an absolute treasure!
  And now here I am, a part of a team of artists, ready to begin a creative journey together. The Ezee Pzee Dezign Team!!!

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Shelley said...

Yay Katie! And welcome to the Ezee Pzee Dezign team! It's going to be such fun working together!