Friday, December 3, 2010

Dezign Team Project Reveal!!!!

    ******First Id like to say that Im the type of crafter that likes what she likes and goes to the beat of that drum. I cannot tell you which company makes the paper that I use or whose name is on my inking sponges. So with that in mind the only name dropping in my blog will be that of Ezee Pzee ~OF COURSE~and my favorite scrapbooking stop APOS. *****

  So lets begin my journey:
 I opened my box and was so excited with everything that I found! The first thing I did~after my picture with "the box" was to light the apple scented candle in my orange room and was inspired by apples. So I started with my apple project. I began with a glass vase. I painted the Ezee Pzee apples with acrylic paint and used my favorite markers and glitter glue to finish the detail. I didnt use the basket and saved the tree from this collection for a different project. I added a picture of my daughter playing in the farm room at Kid City in Middletown Connecticut. The perfect apple picture :) I backed the picture and my Ezee Pzee's with red cardstock and stuck them on the back of the vase with adhesive. I also adhered 2 apples to the front of the vase. Then I took a beaded red Christmas garland and an apple bouquet from the dollar store to fill the vase. As a last touch I added a little red glitter glue to the rim of my project for a little extra sparkle <3
 Then I began work on my birch bark basket. I took a piece of birch bark and cut it to the size that I wanted for my basket. I wrapped around a pillar candle to shape it. I used weldbond glue and clamped it overnight to dry with clips. I did the same for the lid of the basket. Then I cut the bottom and top of the lid to size from the birch and glued them together. I used a book for weight and let it dry overnight as well. I cut a piece of leather the same size to line the bottom of the basket when its finished. In the morning I soaked sweetgrass that I had picked a couple of years ago in my tub to make it pliable and easy to work with. Once it was wet and smelling sooo good I tied it with red string and adhered it to the top and bottom of my basket. Then I adhered a small strip of leather to the top and a little wider one around the middle. Then I adhered my leather maple leaf Ezee Pzee to the center of the basket. Its sooo beautiful!
 Next is my first canvas!!!! I LOVE this one!!!!! My Tree!!! I used acrylic paint, brown and black, and painted it to make my canvas look like a tree trunk. Then I added pictures of my family backed with cardstock, the Ezee Pzee tree from the apple collection~which I colored with my favorite markers, Ezee Pzee leaves~both chipboard and leather~, some rubbery leaf stickers, and a couple of vellum stickers too. Last I added diecuts I made with my cricut machine. This one is hanging in my orange room!\
 Next was a 12x12 layout. I used corkboard as a background on this one to match the Ezee Pzee Dezign Team badge in the box. I decided it would be a good idea to share some of the Ezee Pzee projects that I had already completed on this layout. Not forgetting to ink all my edges, I backed some of my pics with cardstock and some with leather.
 This next one is a canvas. I apologize, I forgot to take pics along the way on this one. I painted the canvas with shiny acrylic paint and also painted my Ezee Pzees at the same time. I also used my favorite markers and glitter glue to decorate them. On the Radio Flyer wagon I used google images and printed a picture to cut the logo off of it and adhere it to my Ezee Pzee. Its too cute!  I included the Ezee Pzee gift box from a different collection and a little doll that I got at the DS for a $. I added a picture of my daughter sleeping in her castle bed, and backed it with cardstock after inking the edges. I added a few stickers and voila~ Dreaming a Christmas Dream was complete!
 Next was my refigerator magnets. I had been making sooo many Christmas cards that I was wanting something different. So I decorated 2 Ezee Pzees with acrylic paint, my favorite markers and glitter glue. I adhered magnets to the back and stuck them on the fridge!
   Now I have two 12x12 layouts left to share!!! I split the movie collection into 2 projects~
 The first, I drew a filmstrip on my 12x12 cardstock. painted my Ezee Pzees, with metallic black acrylic paint and added photos and stickers! I inked the edges of my page and Love it!!!! 
 My last project includes my Grandson Jaxson. On Wednesdays he comes to my house and always enjoys popcorn and movies! I cut the popcorn box that was in "the box" and backed my pic with cardstock. I painted the popcorn with acrylic paint, and the same with the little Ezee Pzee popcorn box. I added my photo and stickers!!!
   I had so much fun creating these projects and using my Ezee Pzee's in some new ways. I just cant wait till the next one and my next big Reveal!!!! See you all soon!!!!


Shelley said...

Wow! I'm just overwhelmed by how much creativity there is in this posting! I have to say that the birch-bark basket is my favorite, although the movie layout is a very close second. Thanks for sharing and keep up the creating!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful....we miss you in the scrappy world Katie. Hope you have time to create soon!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully this fixes your comments :)

Shelley said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing your project!

Tammy said...

Wow you projects are great, very creative!

Autumn Light Designs said...

Very nice projects (I'm a friend of Rena's).

april crann said...

very nice

Courtney said...

you are definately the creative one in your family.. I know where to go if i ever need anything made!!

Joleen said...

Awesome job katie! especially the movie layout :P